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How Can a Satellite Office Help Your Business

Whether you operate a multinational company with a large global workforce or you recently hired a remote team to help you bring your business to a new market, giving your remote employees access to a modern satellite office can be incredibly beneficial. Satellite offices can help streamline the communication between your HQ and your remote teams, lowering real estate and operating costs and increasing productivity and employee retention.

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Turnkey, All-Inclusive Satellite Offices

Remote work has grown steadily in the past decade, yet, for many companies it is still complicated to secure and operate and satellite office. With the changing real estate industry, the competition for office space is prime location in cities such as Boston was only increased and companies outside of the city looking for a satellite office often find themselves at a disadvantage.

However, with Workbar’s flexible offices, remote team are available to easily secure a private space to act as a satellite office for as long or as short a time as needed. By renting an office at Workbar, remote teams get access to all the amenities they need to excel in their work including wifi and printing services, furniture, conference rooms and more.

In order to facilitate the office rental process for companies and professionals, all Workbar offices acting as satellite office feature:

✓ No Move-In Fees
✓ No Security Deposit
✓ No Long-Term Commitment
✓ Immediate Availability

Satellite Office Amenities

Give your remote employees the same comfort you provide those in your HQ. All of remote office spaces are modern, fully-equipped and designed to enhance productivity, health and wellness.

At Workbar, it is easy to give your remote team all the resources you need to be successful at work. Our Satellite offices include:

  • Ergonomic furniture including desks and chairs
  • Lockable storage
  • Idea paint or whiteboards for brainstorming
  • Fast and secure wifi, with the option to set up your own private network
  • Space customizations including company logo vinyl signs
  • Access to state-of-the-art conference rooms

Additionally, renting an office at Workbar gives you access to all of our common areas and all the perks of our coworking network, including:

  • Ability to use common workspaces designed for different work styles such as quiet areas, phone booths, phone-friendly rooms, soft seating, cafe, and open kitchen
  • Access to Workbar’s members digital platform including member directories, discussion boards and more
  • Exclusive social and professional events
  • Access to other Workbar spaces and partners across Massachusetts


Benefits of Having a Satellite Office

There are many benefits to having a satellite office for your remote employees. Some of the most crucial ones include:

  • Savings - By renting an additional office to act as a satellite office for your growing team, you avoid having to expand your HQ or lease larger space for your company. Additionally, if you are not able to pay for a private satellite office, you can always choose to give your remote employees a part-time or full-time membership to Workbar, where they will have access to modern coworking spaces will all the amenities they need to get things done.
  • Business Development Opportunities - Opening a satellite office away from your HQ can help expose your business to a new market and potentially bring many new partnerships and develop revenue channels.
  • Employee Retention and Satisfaction - Working remotely brings many advantages such as flexibility, however, there are many challenges, and employees often report feeling disconnected from the rest of the organization. A satellite office equipped with all the required technology such as wifi, phone booth and video conference calling equipment can make all the difference. Communications will be streamlined and as a result, employees will feel more connected to their organization, resulting in higher employee retention and satisfaction.

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Satellite Office Sizes

We know the remote times come in all sizes, that’s why at Workbar we offer satellite offices for both big and small teams. Our prime rental offices can accommodate from 1 to 100 employees.

  • Personal Satellite Offices (1 person)
  • Team Offices for 2 people
  • Team Offices for 3 people
  • Team Offices for 4 people
  • Team Offices for 5 people
  • Team Offices for 6 people
  • Team Offices for 7 people
  • High-end, turnkey enterprise team suites for large teams of up to 100 members.

Satellite Office Locations

Workbar’s ample network of coworking and rental office space means you can place your remote team in a wide variety of prime locations in Greater Boston. Whether you are stay within city limits or you prefer to go out to the suburbs, we can help you build a satellite office for your team.

Urban Remote Office Space

If you want to keep your team inside the city, take the T to work and be close to Boston’s top attractions, our four urban satellite offices are ideal.

  • Boston – South Station
  • Boston – Back Bay
  • Cambridge – Central Square
  • Somerville – Union Square

Suburban Remote Office Space

If you prefer to go out to the suburbs and offer your team the comfort of free parking and access to the main highways, while providing a smart, fully equipped office, our suburban locations will be a great option.

  • Burlington
  • Salem
  • Arlington
  • Norwood

Pricing for Remote Office Space

Workbar’s remote spaces and satellite offices available starting at $1,100/month.

The office prices vary depending on the size of the office and the location. All our satellite office prices include all services and require no move-in fees or long-term commitments, ensuring an easy and smooth process for national and global clients. Get in touch with our team today to ask for specific pricing.

Get It Done and Leave the Rest to Us

As you can see, there are many reasons why having a satellite office can benefit your team and your business. Most importantly, when renting a remote office at Workbar, you won’t have to worry about anything. Our team is on site every day to ensure you have everything you need to excel and grow the business.

Let us help you find a remote office space that truly sets you up for success.

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